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£1,000 – is what it could now cost the Operator if the driver doesn’t have a Driver Qualification Card (DQC).
Reality, it could cost a whole lot more – your Operator Licence in fact. On top of this, drivers could also be facing a fine and the loss of their vocational licence.Here at Parkhall Commercials in Stoke On Trent Staffordshire we have courses for one person or if you would like to come as a group we can cater for that to.What is the driver CPC ?  The Driver CPC is a scheme for PCV (passenger) & LGV (goods) drivers who drive vocationally (professionally) in UK. It is a requirement of the EU Directive 2003/59, which is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of vocational PCV and LGV drivers throughout their working life.




FROM Tuesday 10th September 2013

All professional PCV drivers must carry a DQC with them whenever they’re driving a bus or coach. And if you’re an LGV driver... well in a year from now this will also apply to all LGV drivers too! If you haven’t completed your Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) and obtained a DQC and you are driving a vehicle for hire and reward with more than 8 seats, you’re risking prosecution, fines and your Operator Licence.

A lot of drivers really worry about their CPC periodic training.

You hear horror stories about ‘death by Powerpoint’ and stuffy classrooms – it doesn’t make the CPC sound too appealing! We have worked hard to develop a programme of courses which are informative and fun, which will make your learning experience more enjoyable. Every course is washed down with a healthy dose of good humour.


We can provide all of the necessary training and materials to make gaining your initial CPC as easy and cost effective as possible. We also run a wide array of CPC courses for your periodic training needs at competitive rates.

The courses are carried out in are in house classroom in  comfortable surroundings

Our trainers have over 30 years of experience in the driver training industry and can provide you with a professional, relaxed and enjoyable learning experience.


What is Periodic Training?

Periodic training is regular training that will continue throughout your professional driving career to help you as a driver and to encourage safe driving for life.

EVERY professional driver will need to complete 35 hours of 'periodic training'

There is a range of DSA approved courses available with training tailored to suit your individual needs to help you become an even better driver. The training is grouped under 3 headings..

 1 Safe and fuel efficient driving (this may include vehicle loading, fuel consumtion   

and pollution)   
 2  Legal requirements (rules for tachograph, drivers hours)
 3   Health & Safety, service & logistics (including first aid, passenger safety, customer services)


For more details contact us on:
01782 331974




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